Friday 22 August 2008

Do yourself a favour ...and me brother

My brother is currently doing rather well in the charts. With your help we can shift him from number 2 to number 1! If you pop along to, you can find his latest release in their top downloads list. It's called 'Juss a Beat EP' or 'Praise the JBs EP' and his name is ATFC. Please buy the EP (it costs less than a fiver) and let's try and get him to top the charts. I love you all.

Almost there...

You missed me? OK, don't be nasty.

I'm here in sunny Surbiton, stuffing the remain Primark bargains (yeah well no-one's heard of Primark in Turkey so you can tell them it's like Armani, Primarni if you will) into my already swollen suitcase. On Monday I head back to Turkey and settle in for the winter.

My god, it's been an amazing few weeks. America was something to behold. I know I didn't update but after driving a few hundred miles every day, the last thing you want to do is crank open the laptop. I promise to write up the whole trip and there are some special moments to share. Although not completely ArseAboutFez related, it'll be worth a read (photographic taster below).

So please sit tight as I say my farewells and board the BA to Izmir. I'm coming home people...