Thursday 10 April 2008

Happy Police Day!!!

Turkey's calendar is full of days celebrating different professions and people. Today is Police Day, which means all the police spend the day driving in convoy through the streets with sirens blaring. This is also the time when people send bouquets of flowers which are now lining the outside of the Police Station.

I'll let you know when Web Designer Day is as soon as I learn the date. I wonder if there's one for people who've got their CELTA but haven't yet used it. Perhaps the 29th Feb.

Right I'm off to do some pilfering while the cops are out waving flags.

Fezaurus #1

Kedi gotunu gormus, yara sanmis - A cat sees it's own arsehole and thinks it's an injury.

So you've lost your arm in a fishing accident? Your colleagues will probably throw you this sentence followed by derisory laughter. Meaning, "you big girl's blouse, that's but a scratch. Stop your bloody whining and finish gutting those seabass".