Sunday 10 January 2010

Every little helps!

I have always been a massive fan of supermarket shopping (something for the memoirs). Imagine my joy when Tesco (under the brand 'Kipa') became one of the biggest chains here in Turkey.

It's great. I can find brown sauce and 'Value' toilet paper just down the road in Balcova like I could back home in Kingston.

Sometimes, though, Kipa will come up with something subtle that'll make me realise I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Here's a recent promotion that made me do a double-take. Actually, it made me double-take, pick up the flyer, take it home, install a scanner, scan it in and post it up here. You can all thank me later.

Yes, it's a Tesco "Back to the Army" promotion. Full kit bag for 99 Lira. It includes:

  • 1 x Rucksack
  • 3 x T-Shirts
  • 3 x Socks
  • 3 x Underpants
  • 1 x Soap bag (empty)
  • 1 x Bath towel
  • 1 x Hand towel
  • 1 x Soap dish
  • 1 x Dirty/Clean laundry bags
  • 1 x Laundry net
  • 1 x Coat hanger
  • 1 x Sewing set
  • 1 x Boot polishing kit
  • 1 x Bathroom slippers
  • 1 x Toothbrush
  • 1 x Nail clippers
  • 1 x Foot powder
  • 1 x Insoles
  • 1 x Wallet
  • 1 x Padlock
  • 1 x Pocket torch
You've got to just love it. Now, if this promotion ran in Kingston, the store would sell out of flour, sugar and canned meat within minutes.