Friday 5 February 2010

Should have checked it with a passing tourist #1

Now Remax isn't a small company right? So how did they manage this fucking mess? Here's how:

Cengiz: "Ahmet, you finished that advert yet?"
Ahmet: "Yeah, ages ago!"
Cengiz: "Let me have a look."
Ahmet: "Nice huh?"
Cengiz: "Yeah great. Masallah, your English is fantastic."
Ahmet: "Health to your eyes and mouth."

Random Turkish Fact #8

50% of Turkish women give birth by Caesarian section.

When asked why this figure should be so high, most people suggested 'convenience' as the probable explanation. The doctor can have a bed ready, the parents can put the date in their diaries and the friends and family can order the flowers.

The World Health Organisation suggests 15% of all births should be c-section. In 2008, the UK reached 25%.