Wednesday 6 October 2010

More Turkish things that make you go ooooohhhhhwaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!

Looking on my girlfriend's shelf the other day, I spotted something that made my testicles retract into my lower abdomen.

At first glance, it's a classic shelf - The Cambridge English/Turkish dictionary, a few batteries, a mug of loose change, a taser ...sorry? What?!

Yep, a taser. A weapon used for the purpose of inducing neuromuscular incapacitation and something the U.N. classifies as a weapon of torture.

Turkish girls... don't mess with them!

Things I'd never done before moving to Turkey #5

Getting stuck in a lift and forgetting to panic.

Being claustrophobic, I thought my first experience of getting stuck in a lift would be something of a screaming frenzy. I guess living in Turkey has toughened me up a bit.

Tonight, I got stuck in the metre square lift in my apartment building. The strange thing was my reaction of complete and utter calm; as though it were an everyday event.

No punching walls. No loss of bladder control. No crying. No tearing at my clothes. Just a very matter-of-fact tap of the buttons and a nudge to the door. It worked too.