Tuesday 22 June 2010

The great Arse About Fez fortune telling experiment

I've mentioned before that reading the coffee grinds is a traditional Turkish way of telling someone's fortune; well I had a thought ...how about I put up pictures of my coffee grinds and invite the internet to tell me my fortune? Then, I'll compare the notes and see if there are any similarities. By the end of this experiment, we should know without doubt whether or not fortune telling is real or shit.

So here's the deal. Below are a series of shots of my coffee cup today. Have a look and then please email your reading to billfredo@gmail.com (please don't post your reading as a comment or you'll fuck everything up and give others ideas). Once I get a serious quantity back, I'll share my notes.

....then all we have to do is to wait to see whether it all comes true.

BTW click on the pictures for a bigger version.