Saturday 17 February 2007

Laptops Schmaptops

Seems like it's the season to update technology. Friends and family are knocking on my door looking for answers. Everyone is looking for a new toy for the new year and being vaguely technical, I'm the fount of knowledge.

The word on the street is that someone is coming over from the States soon so let's put our orders in and give him enough hand luggage to make a pack horse wince.

My uncle and his friend's laptops were both killed in the same incident. Apparently his friend was showing one of his handguns to the Prince of Thailand when it accidentally went off and put holes through the screens of both machines. Luckily the Prince was fine after a glass of tea and change of underwear. Only in Turkey.

In the meantime, I scouting through all the UK websites trying to find the right technological bargain. "What about Harold's?" I was asked. It took me a while to work out we were talking about Harrods. I think a re-brand might be in order. I quite like the name.

So what else is new? I got an email from a friend back home the other day to say that an old Uni friend was doing rather well in the charts. Turns out my old mate Jack Allsop (now known as 'Just Jack' is all over the radio these days.

I've been a little out of touch with things since moving to Turkey. I have no TV or radio as I feel my view from the balcony is more than enough to occupy my mind. So I only get to hear about things when someone from home tells me.

It's nice to be out of touch. It's amazing how life goes on just fine without the usual shit we're fed through the idiot box. I remember when I lived back in Blighty, how I would flick between the hundreds of channels of toss spewed up by Telewest and always find something to kill the time. Hours upon hours of programs about nothing much. It seemed so important at the time but the reality was, it was just a way to waste my life.

I've become something of an anti-television evangelist. I strongly recommend you switch the box off and sit and talk with your family or get a hobby. Even something as 'important' as the news, really isn't so important. Most of what they churn out is meaningless bullshit about things that will never have any impact on our lives. If I want entertainment, I always have YouTube to surf.

OK that's enough ranting for one day. Until next time...

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