Sunday 25 May 2008

Fezaurus #2

Esegi amina su kacirdin - You let water leak into the donkey's fanny.

I'm not so clear on the origins of this particular phrase. Some say, matter of factly, that when villagers fuck a donkey, they stand it in the river so it wont run away. Makes sense.

Whatever the roots, I doubt you'll guess the meaning.

I once bought 500g of freshly ground Turkish coffee from Izmir. Seeing the packet on my kitchen table, my cousin insisted that I'd let water leak into the donkey's fanny. Having never been accused of this before I was, needless to say, somewhat confused.

It means 'to go over the top' or 'do something extreme'. He was trying to tell me that I'd bought too much coffee, but there are easier ways.

"What's the connection?" I asked.
"Well, putting water in a donkey's fanny is an extreme thing to do" he replied. I couldn't argue.

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