Monday 16 June 2008

Gizmo finds a home

I called almost every ex-pat in Kusadasi today trying to find a home for little Gizmo (as he/she was briefly known). The vets wouldn't take it in. The sanctuaries were full. And ultimately I knew I couldn't keep the little fella.

I even started contemplating doing a single-mother style abandonment outside the vets but I knew I wanted to see this little chap have a future somewhere secure.

My last hope came from a lead from one of the ex-pats. Christine at Gossips Restaurant likes cats. I was down there in a flash.

"I already have 11 cats that need homes" she said.

"Do you want the 12th?" I asked

"Absolutely not ...can I have a look at it?"


Opens box to reveal tiny bundle of cuteness. The rest is history. Gizmo finds a new home with some new brothers and sisters. My allergies begin to heal. My newly arrived father's blood pressure returns to normal. Job's a good'n.

Go and eat at Gossips Restaurant in Kusadasi. Although I've not eaten there, it's clearly the best restaurant in town because they have a heart big enough to welcome Gizmo.

Thank you Christine. Allah razi olsun.


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to hear Gizmo found a home, he/she looked adorable.

Keep writing, we all love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Glad you managed to find Gizmo a home.

Anonymous said...

You called him Gizmo!! I am SO happy!! And he has a home - woo hoo!! Much love and blessings to Christine at Gossips!! I am so so so happy!!


Anonymous said...

I like the concept of this feline-friendly advertising model. You should call it pay-per-purr or cat-per-click or summat...

Salty Miss Jill said...

We will go there and be sure to ask about Gizmo...