Sunday 13 July 2008

Fezsaurus #6

At yarağına kelebek konmuş - A butterfly that's landed on a horse's cock

I was in the barber's the other day. Since I told him I'm writing this blog, he's always got a new pearl of wisdom for me whenever I pay him a visit. As I was enjoying my massage by a 9 year old boy called Ahmet (a sentence that would have me wearing an electronic tagging device before you could say 'name and shame' back in Blighty), Ozkan (the owner) shouted excitedly "have you heard this one? have you heard this one?". He then launched the above phrase.

I was a little embarrassed to ask the meaning of this particular gem as the shop was full of children and not wanting to corrupt their innocent minds, I simply shrugged my shoulders. He left the half-shaved face of his customer and brushed Ahmet aside.

"Look at this air conditioner" he said pointing at the wall "see how I've jammed newspaper in it to stop it moving about?". I hadn't noticed, but he was right. "Now it's like a butterfly that's landed on a horse's cock".

"I understand", I lied.

"Can the horse fuck the butterfly?" he asked.

"Erm, not really"

"But the butterfly can fuck the horse!". With that he tapped me on the shoulder and with a knowing wink, he resumed his business.

So there you have it (or like me, you don't), anything that's been bodged is like a butterfly sitting on a horses cock. If anyone can help me out with understanding this one, please do.


Anonymous said...

haha that's great. I think it's to do with how the fly never leaves the cock. i.e. how the newspaper now fixed the machine in place forever.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to explain that :) That sentence is a value. So if you separate sentence it will be meaningless.

Actually its really hard to explain. If i try can say somethink like that.

If somethink not to match with somethink and looks awful you can say that sentence.

For example: I wearing red t-shirt and under that i weared green trouser. If u can imagine it will look awful. So you can say to him like that.

- What is that green trouser, At sikine gelebek konmuş gibi. (A butterfly that's landed on a horse's cock)

I tryed, i tryed :)))

serdark said...

Let me see a butterfly on a horse's cock at any point of my life and I would say "wow, thats very absurd" and now for anything in life that is absurd you can say "at sikinde kelebek gibi".

Btw, that sentence is priceless! The semantics, the power in the rhetoric and the harmony of the words just make it perfect. I wish you also enjoy using it in your daily life. Accompanied with a "bu ne amina koyyim" at the very beginning, makes it even stronger. Once said with a full breath, with sensations coming truly from the heart, it has the power to take away stress and daily hassles, to provide relaxation and momentary relief.