Tuesday 1 July 2008

Nothing's gonna change my love for me

I was sitting in my flat, minding my own business when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find my neighbour standing there in full professional photographer garb.

"I have to learn this" he said calmly, "I've got a new job and I need to learn this camera. I have to learn about sunset photography and you can be my model".

There followed an hour of standing on the balcony holding a picture of the Dalai Lama (something to do with being able to see foreground detail). These were the results...

Ring any bells?...

Come on, you remember!

Welcome to my home. I offer mediocre sex and a spectacular view.

Here you can see with only minor photoshop work, the picture is transformed into something quite special.

Oh, I do love the random events that occur here daily. This simply wouldn't have happened in Surbiton.


Anonymous said...

I see you are using the May 2008 edition of Splosh. Interesting choice, inferior as it is to the 2007 gatefold series charting Big Bertha's Blancmange escapades with bonus pull-out pop-up leaf. Could you explain the reason for your choice?

Billfredo said...

I think if you look closely at the cover, you'll see why it was an easy choice:

1. It's got my name written all over it... "Billie gets silly in deep, deep mud"
2. It combines two of my favourite things - the Internet and pies... "Journey through PIE-berspace!"
3. And finally, need I say more than... "Mud, oil, eggs, paint and..." wait for it "...porridge"

Plus the girl on the cover has an air of a blonde Queen Victoria.

Anonymous said...

I just googled this magazine to see what the hell it was as never heard of it before and all I can really say is "What the Fuck?"

There is a site dedicated to people who like pouring messy shit on them...the world is warped!