Saturday 27 March 2010

Shake the Room

I had a dream last night. I could probably describe it as a nightmare. I don't remember much about it other than I was in an earthquake.

Well, according to reports, we've had a series of earthquakes here tonight. The weird thing is, I never actually feel them. Not that I especially want to. But the ones tonight seem to have been quite strong.

Take a look at the Bogazici University website which lists all the current seismic activity in Turkey.

I hope that'll be all the activity we see tonight.


Nomad said...

I didn't feel anything either and I am unusually sensitive about earthquakes! I do recall thinking about earthquakes a lot yesterday which I tend to do before one happens. (like catfish or pigs)

Were you here when we had three in a week- all about 6.O? That was unnerving. One, okay, it was like, gee whiz, that was weird. The second one was more like, OH GOD. By the time the third one happened I was ready to pitch my tent in the park.

Unknown said...

Scary! We used to live right on a huge fault line (in Guam) and we had earthquakes just about every day. Luckily I moved away just before the biggie 8.0+ quake that hit the island.

Hope things have quieted down for you!