Wednesday 10 November 2010

10th November 1938

Today is an eerie day. Something happens every year on the 10th November at exactly 9:05am. Something that makes my skin tingle.

At this time, on this date in 1938, Ataturk died in Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. In remembrance of this sad moment for the nation, Turkey stands still. And I mean, completely still.

After a moment of silence, everything and anything that has a siren or a horn begins to sound. Cars, ships, schools, police cars, ambulances, all give an eerie drone.

After all these years, the passing of Ataturk is respected by the entire nation. It's quite an emotional moment, even for an outsider.

Here follows a short video of the funeral procession back in 1938.

His body was taken from Istanbul to Ankara, where he was laid to rest in the magnificent Anitkabir mausoleum.

If you would like to know more about Ataturk, I have another post here.

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Reyhan said...

New to AAF. Ive ready alot of your artıcles. But thıs ıs fırst time postıng.

My dear boyfrıend ıs Turkısh and lıves there. I wıll have to ask ıf he also observed the tradıtıon as well. I am Amerıcan but ıt makes me proud for my boyfrıend :)

You are rıght ıt ıs a very touchıng and movıng tradıtıon ın how they stıll pay respects to AtaTurk. I know here ın Amerıca we 'observe' George Washıngtons bırthday however we do not do anythıng to pay respects to hım on the day of hıs passıng. I could understand ıf we dıd.