Monday 10 October 2011

My name is Death...

Yes, it's that time of year again. I've got man-flu. And, as any woman will know, man-flu can seem to be almost life-threatening. When I was a child, my mother gave me a little bell that I would ring any time I needed something. She knew the power of man-flu.

One thing that always trips me up linguistically is that, in the Turkish language, you don't 'have' an illness, you 'become' one. So, currently, I am a cold. Strange, I know.

A: Bad news, I'm afraid. Murat is cancer.
B: Bad news? That's great news! Let's drown the cunt and save millions of lives!

Should I survive, I will write again soon.


Stranger said...

Ah, yes, man-flu. Far deadlier than man-sniffles, though not quite as insidious or conveniently-timed as man-tummy-ache. Don't worry. There must be someone around with an arsenal of delicious herbal concoctions to ease your woes.

Just be glad you never get the kind of hasta that makes the women pat their bellies and shoot each other knowing looks. When the men are out of the room, there's all this talk of sanj, and it just goes downhill from there, I promise.

Geçmiş olsun.

Anonymous said...

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Well, just to say how much I like this blog, it is quite funny! I'll be reading every post from now on..

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Jack Scott said...

Oh, don't be such a pussy. You've only got a bleedin' cold.

Unknown said...

bende hastayim. üffffff,,,,,,

Unknown said...

gecmec olsun, fredo.

Nomad said...

Try saying "Gecmez olmus" one time. Good for some cheap laughs.

Every since I was talked into getting a flu shot, I have not been able to completely feel better. I never used to sneeze this much and never in a long series of eight or more. I am all for progress and not one of those that think immunizations can give you autism or anything like that.. but I do think the shot- in my case- was not a good idea.

One problem you find in modern times- which can set the healthiest person in the flu direction- is the extremes of temperature. Rooms are too hot in winters and icy old in summer. Until I found this apartment, I would spend most of the winter huddled around a heater which gave a circle of warmth about eight foot wide, after that, it was a plunge into the Arctic.
Take care, mate. And as every bully says in the US now, "Suck it UP!"

Anna said...

Sooooo ... did you make it through????

Özlem said...

I noticed sth about language when you get a flu: We say 'geçmiş olsun', you say 'get well soon'. We hope illness will go herself, you expect the person to be healthy again. It is like passive-active.
So grip gitsin :)