Sunday 19 February 2012

Safety Last

I saw this ingenious invention in a friend's car the other day. For drivers who don't want to be disturbed by some pesky alarm warning you of your precarious position when you're not wearing your seat belt. I give you the danger neutraliser...

Simply plug this device into your seat belt socket and cleverly fool your car into thinking you actually give a shit about not hurtling through your windscreen.

Cheaper solutions are also available:

  • Repeatedly clicking the release button on the seat belt socket whenever the alarm sounds. Time consuming but effective.
  • Locking the seat belt in place before entering the car. Then sitting on it. This technique is a favourite of taxi drivers.
  • Wearing your seat belt.


Blogger said...

You do tend to get a lot of this kind of safety unawareness. Actually the Türks are quite aware of safety but I think it may be some kind of male and female bravado. İleri! İleri! - no stopping only forwards in to battle. Maybe this logic is in play when it comes to safety too.

Although, now this is slowly beginning to change as people realise if they do not snap in their seatbelt their necks may very well snap as they hit the windscreen at a 150 km/hour.

I remember the British commercial, 'clunk click every trip' what a classic and because of this many people have been saved from eating windscreen glass. Please if you value your life, "clunk click every trip".

Unknown said...

Unbelievable!!!! Funny on one hand maybe but just so dumb!

driving school Bromsgrove said...

This gadget is the best suggestion because it can gives warning if we forgot to wear seatbelt. This is for our safety on the road.

Anonymous said...

H iBill I started reading your blog 3 days ago and have been laughing so much. i have read prob half of them already. you are very funny. I am turkish / british myself so its very funny to read your observations.
I live in richmond surrey so not far from kingston.
I will be in istanbul for april and cant wait to try my new swear words on my family and blame you

BacktoBodrum said...

I couldn't drive a friend's car because he'd stuffed matches into the seatbelt socket. I should buy him one of these incase I ever want to use his car again!

Maria said...


Great post, have you got a email address? I'm coming to Turkey soon and have a few questions :)