Friday 28 March 2008

Still Tugging Away

As I drew back the curtains this morning, I was hoping to see a change in the situation. It seems that not much has really happened. I have kept a marker using the funnel of the ship and the window of a hotel behind it to see whether the combined efforts of the tugs have had any impact on the position of Sky Wonder. But, no.

I noticed a change in tactics yesterday evening when they lined up the tugs (and even the pilot boat) along the side of the hull and appeared to be pushing the ship further towards the shore. It was an interesting move (if a 'move' can describe something stubbornly static).

But today, in a moment of frightening yet inspiring brilliance, they've shaken things up a little. So 3 tugs ain't moving this bad boy? Perhaps one alone could do the trick. Does the phrase 'too many cooks' really apply though? I would have gone for the more relevant 'all hands on deck'.

Oh well, here's the latest pic (note the rope hanging loose in a kind of "for fuck's sake" gesture)

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