Saturday 29 March 2008

They only bloody pulled it off!

I was woken by a call this morning from a friend who's been reading this blog. He was wondering whether I'd looked out of my window yet. I hadn't.

This was the view before I turned in for the night:

As you can see, there were two tugs pulling away relentlessly through the night.

I was expecting to pull back the curtains to see the view I've got used to over the past 3 days. But no, the persistence had paid off. This is my new view of the bay:

Sky Wonder has been dislodged. The final team of 5 tugs seemed to have done the trick.

They are now in the middle of the harbour and appear to be running checks, pirouetting the ship while the lifeboats make runs to shore bringing back everything that had been jettisoned. If you look at the port side of the hull, you can see the black marks left by relentless shoving by numerous tugs.

So it appears this little adventure is now over. The balcony never ceases to provide entertainment in my television-free world. Whether it's a forest fire, spectacular storm moving across the bay or a stricken vessel, I never tire of pulling back the curtains every morning.

One other thing, when my friend called this morning, he also offered a new random swear word. "Olurken havalanan ruhunu sikiyim" - meaning "after your death, I'm going to fuck your ascending soul". It is, I'm sure you'll agree, a brilliantly brutal phrase. I will be testing this out over the next weeks to get my enunciation just right for my next dealings with DHL.

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