Sunday 11 May 2008

Pre-Intermediate Turkish - Unit 1

I learned a new phrase last night. It's one I've heard quite a bit and probably used without really knowing what it really meant. The phrase is: 'farkinda misin?' and it means 'do you realise?'. It can also be used as 'farkindayim' or 'I realise'.

I love learning new phrases because they enrich my conversation and give me a direct route to explain things I'd normally have to circumnavigate.

This nugget was taught to me by my friend while we were sitting having soup at a restaurant in the early hours of the morning. I asked him to give me an example of it's usage in a sentence. Before I'd even finished my request, he gave the following example:

"Ne kadar at yaragi oldugunun, farkinda misin?" ("Do you realise what a horse cock you are?")

So much more than I bargained for. An example usage of the target language plus an opportunity for a moment of self-reflection. Farkindayim.

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