Thursday 1 July 2010

Honest packaging

You remember when Dove ran that campaign of 'real women' with 'real bodies'? Yeah, I know, they weren't really 'real' were they? They had no varicose veins or eye bogies.

Well I was looking for some pants to ease the chaffing of obesity when I stumbled across this vest. This is the antithesis of aspirational marketing. Do-Re-Mi Vests, I salute you.


Bulut Aslan said...

motto is also as meaningful as, too: the day starts with DoReMi :)

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha!!! Classic

Monika said...


Found your blog via an expat site here in Turkey. Started to read it and just couldn't stop! Read it all! You describe the turkish way/manners/culture in a great way. Got myself many good laughs (don't ask what my neighbours think me sitting by myself laughing out loud).

What I realized was that I never saw these differences in the way you are describing them. I've just accepted them all from the very beginning and it was natural for me. Good or bad, don't know. Am Swedish and have to say that our culture is not better than the Turkish. Here I feel at home! Love the pride they have over the country, the respect for each other and the sense of humor.

By the way, your granny seemed to be like mine. She was Finnish and she always had an answer to everything in a funny joking way. And as your granny she was also veeery outspoken. No inhibitions there!

Keep your blog up!

Greetings from a Swede in Alanya!

Metin said...

good blog mate. You have a new follower from Turkey. is good hearing the details of what "other" eyes see. Well done (:

Sam said...

Brilliant, at this rate my dreams of modelling aren't dead. You can keep your size 0's, the 'tubby playboy' physique is alive and well and living in Turkey.